Octave Cremazie

Octave Cremazie

Name Octave Cremazie
Profession Poet
Date of Birth 1827-04-16
Place of Birth Canada
Age 51 yrs
Death Date 1879-01-16
Birth Sign Aries

About Octave Cremazie

French Canadian poet known for patriotic poetic works such as Le vieux soldat canadien and Le Drapeau de Carillon. A collection of his complete works was published three years after his death.

Early Life Experience of Octave Cremazie

He was a founder and president of the Institut Canadien, an organization that promoted French-Canadian culture.

Trivia Info

He faced severe financial difficulties that forced him to live for a time in France. During this period of his life, he adopted the pseudonym of Jules Fontaine.

Family Life and Relationship

He and his brother Joseph owned a Quebec bookstore that became a meeting place for important literary figures of the era.

Close Associates

He was deeply influenced by the work of author Victor Hugo.

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Octave Maus

Octave Maus

Name Octave Maus
Profession Novelist
Date of Birth 1856-06-12
Place of Birth Belgium
Age 63 yrs
Death Date 1919-11-26
Birth Sign Gemini

About Octave Maus

Belgian author, art critic, and attorney who was a founder of L’Art Moderne, a weekly, nineteenth-century publication.

Early Life Experience of Octave Maus

He was born in Brussels, Belgium. He became secretary of Les XX, a group of prominent Belgian artists, in 1884.

Trivia Info

He founded a Brussels artistic society called La Libre Esthetique in 1894.

Family Life and Relationship

He and his wife Madeleine were close friends and neighbors of the Belgian-British composer Poldowski (Regine Wieniawski).

Close Associates

His artistic organization, Les XX, sponsored an annual showcase of the work of international artists. French Impressionist painter Claude Monet took part in the group’s 1886 and 1889 exhibitions.

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