Giovanni Pascoli

Giovanni Pascoli

Name Giovanni Pascoli
Profession Poet
Date of Birth 1855-12-31
Place of Birth Italy
Age 56 yrs
Death Date 1912-04-06
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Giovanni Pascoli

Italian symbolist poet and classical scholar known for Myricae, Canti di Castelvecchio, and other works. Lawrence Venuti translated many of Pascoli’s literary works into English.

Early Life Experience of Giovanni Pascoli

His childhood was marred by the tragic murder of his father and the untimely deaths of his mother and three of his nine siblings.

Trivia Info

He taught Latin at universities in Pisa and Messina before relocating to Bologna.

Family Life and Relationship

He never married, but he remained close to his two sisters, Maria and Ida, throughout his life.

Close Associates

He, like Alessandro Manzoni, was an Italian author.