Guitarist |  Pauli Rantasalmi

Guitarist | Pauli Rantasalmi

Name Pauli Rantasalmi
Profession Guitarist
Date of Birth 1970-01-01
Place of Birth Finland
Death Date
Birth Sign Taurus

About Pauli Rantasalmi

Famous as a founding member of and guitarist and songwriter for the Finnish rock group The Rasmus, he contributed to the band’s Platinum albums Dead Letters (2003) and Hide from the Sun (2005) and, along with his bandmates, won several Emma, Echo, and MTV Europe awards.

Early Life Experience of Pauli Rantasalmi

He and his The Rasmus collaborators performed their first gig in late 1994 and released their debut EP a year later.

Trivia Info

A music producer as well as a guitarist, he produced work for the bands Kwan and Killer.

Family Life and Relationship

Born in Helsinki, Finland, he later lived and worked in Singapore. He welcomed a son in late 2008.

Close Associates

He and The Rasmus lead singer Lauri Ylonen founded the Dynasty Recordings record label.