Lester Allen Pelton | Engineer

Lester Allen Pelton | Engineer

Name Lester Allen Pelton
Profession Engineer
Date of Birth 1829-09-05
Place of Birth Ohio
Age 78 yrs
Death Date 1908-03-14
Birth Sign Virgo

About Lester Allen Pelton

Remembered best for inventing an efficient hydroelectric turbine known as the Pelton water wheel, this 19th-century scientist was the recipient of the 1895 Elliott Cresson Medal.

Early Life Experience of Lester Allen Pelton

Before beginning his work as an inventor, he attempted to become a gold-miner and subsequently worked in the carpentry and millwrighting industries.

Trivia Info

In 2006, he became a posthumous inductee into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Vermilion, Ohio, to pioneers Allen Pelton and Fanny Cuddeback. He relocated to California in the early 1850s.

Close Associates

He and Jean-Victor Poncelet were both inventors of water wheel models.