Lina Pembe Bologna

Lina Pembe Bologna

Name Lina Pembe Bologna
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1969-09-13
Place of Birth Congo Republic
Death Date
Birth Sign Virgo

About Lina Pembe Bologna

Matriarch of the powerful Pembes, a political Congo Republic family famous on social media. She is the owner of Lina Shops in Kinshasa, a chain of outlets that distribute Zara garments throughout Central Africa, and Lina Cafe.  

Early Life of Lina Pembe Bologna

She has her bachelor degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences. 


She is also the first vice-president of the Alliance of Congolese-Green Ecologists. 

Family Life

She’s the daughter of an Italian expatriate father and a Congolese Métis mother from Goma, North Kivu. Her husband is politician Didace Pembe. Together they have seven daughters, whose names all end with the letter ‘a’ – Soraya, Mareva, Raïssa, Jessica, Sonya, Alicia and Marica. 

Associated With

Like Rainbeau Harmony Mars and Linda Tawil, she is an entrepreneur who uses social media to promote her lifestyle.