John J. Pershing

John J. Pershing

Name John J. Pershing
Profession War Hero
Date of Birth 1860-09-13
Place of Birth Laclade, MO
Age 87 yrs
Death Date 1948-07-15
Birth Sign Virgo

About John J. Pershing

Decorated U.S. Army officer who served in World War I. He was the first man to be promoted, while still living, to the rank of General of the Armies.

Early Life Experience of John J. Pershing

He attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point because the quality of education there was better than anything he could find in his native Missouri.

Trivia Info

Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles was named after him.

Family Life and Relationship

His son, Colonel Francis Warren Pershing, was an advisor to the Army Chief of Staff during World War II.

Close Associates

He was a mentor of Dwight D. Eisenhower.