Vincenzo Peruggia | Criminal

Vincenzo Peruggia | Criminal

Name Vincenzo Peruggia
Profession Criminal
Date of Birth 1881-10-08
Place of Birth Italy
Age 44 yrs
Death Date 1925-10-08
Birth Sign Libra

About Vincenzo Peruggia

Italian criminal who committed one of the most notorious art thefts ever when he stole the world-famous painting the Mona Lisa from The Louvre in August 1911. He was sentenced to one year and seventeen days in prison but ultimately served just seven months for his crime.

Early Life of Vincenzo Peruggia

He worked as a handyman and served a short jail sentence for attempted robbery in 1908.


He was caught after he attempted to sell the Mona Lisa to art gallery owner Alfredo Geri, who reported him to the police.

Family Life

His grandson, Silvio Peruggia, was featured in the 2012 documentary Mona Lisa is Missing.

Associated With

He was portrayed by Vito Scotti in a 1956 episode of the TV show You Are There titled “The Recovery of Mona Lisa.”