Emilio Pettoruti

Emilio Pettoruti

Name Emilio Pettoruti
Profession Painter
Date of Birth 1892-10-01
Place of Birth La Plata,
Age 79 yrs
Death Date 1971-10-16
Birth Sign Libra

About Emilio Pettoruti

One of Argentina’s most prominent 20th-century painters. His 1924 cubist exhibition sparked a scandal.

Early Life of Emilio Pettoruti

He was a student of famed architect and Museum of Natural History’s Drawing School teacher Emilio Coutaret. He dropped out of his local Academy of Fine Arts when he was a teenager.


He did not adhere to any one style, but instead incorporated cubism, futurism, constructivism, and abstractionism into his work.

Family Life

His family was successful and middle class. He was born in La Plata, a city whose layout would impact his artistic sensibilities.

Associated With

He and Pablo Picasso were revolutionizing the artistic world around the same time.