Caleb Pressley

Name Caleb Pressley
Profession Football Player
Date of Birth 1992-11-13
Place of Birth North Carolina
Death Date
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Caleb Pressley

American football player who has gained popularity after being named the Supervisor of Morale for the University of North Carolina football team. He has gone on to work with the popular site and blog Barstool.

Early Life of Caleb Pressley

He has studied at both UNC and the University of Edinburgh School of Divinity.


He has 130,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family Life

His parents are Billy Joe Pressley and Heather Lee.

Associated With

He posted a video with actor Jake Johnson in February 2018.

Pressley Hosbach

Name Pressley Hosbach
Profession Dancer
Date of Birth 2006-10-10
Place of Birth United States
Death Date
Birth Sign Libra

About Pressley Hosbach

Dancer who became known in 2018 when she was announced as a cast member of Dance Moms season 8. She was cast as the character Roxie on the Brat series Stage Fright. 

Early Life of Pressley Hosbach

Her first Instagram post was on April 3, 2013, and a photo of her dancing on stage when she was 7. The caption read “Love it.” 


In 2016 she was a backup dancer on the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour. 

Family Life

She is very close with her mother Ashley Hosbach.

Associated With

She has trained under dancers like Blake McGrath, Guy Amir, and Zachary Venegas.