Earl Scheib

Earl Scheib

Name Earl Scheib
Profession Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 1908-02-28
Place of Birth California
Age 84 yrs
Death Date 1992-02-29
Birth Sign Pisces

About Earl Scheib

Persuasive TV salesman of affordable auto paint jobs.

Early Life of Earl Scheib

He developed the unconventional idea of one-day service, which led to high employee turnovers and his name being made a national joke.


He was the company’s national spokesperson, and his slogan, “I’m Earl Scheib, and I’ll paint any car, any color for $29.95. No ups, no extras,” became part of the national parlance.

Family Life

He grew up in Los Angeles with his parents. He dreamed of becoming a painter.

Associated With

He was a famous Californian entrepreneur similar to Mary Kay Ash.