Heinrich Schliemann |

Heinrich Schliemann |

Name Heinrich Schliemann
Date of Birth 1822-01-06
Place of Birth Germany
Age 68 yrs
Death Date 1890-12-26
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Heinrich Schliemann

Famous for excavating what is thought to be the site of ancient Troy and for uncovering evidence of the historical accuracy of the epic poems the Iliad (by Homer) and the Aeneid (by Virgil), this pioneering archaeologist is also notable for his business career as an importer.

Early Life Experience of Heinrich Schliemann

Before beginning his career with the B. H. Schröder & Co. importing and exporting company, he worked as a grocer, a shipmate, and an accountant.

Trivia Info

He was fluent in numerous languages, including English, Dutch, Italian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.

Family Life and Relationship

The son of Luise Therese Sophie and Ernst Schliemann, he was born in northern Germany. Before ending in divorce, his marriage to Ekaterina Lyschin produced children named Sergey, Natalya, and Nadezhda.

Close Associates

He and Albert Von Lecoq are both well known nineteenth-century archaeologists.