Ernest B. Schoedsack

Ernest B. Schoedsack

Name Ernest B. Schoedsack
Profession Director
Date of Birth 1893-06-08
Place of Birth Iowa
Age 86 yrs
Death Date 1979-12-23
Birth Sign Gemini

About Ernest B. Schoedsack

Co-director of the 1933 classic King Kong and its semi-official 1949 sequel Mighty Joe Young.

Early Life of Ernest B. Schoedsack

He developed an interest in film photography during childhood. He took a job with Keystone Studios in 1914, but was soon shipped off to fight in World War I.


He teamed up with fellow soldier Merian Cooper and filmed several documentaries and the adventure film The Four Feathers.

Family Life

He married Ruth Rhose, who worked as the cinematographer on King Kong.

Associated With

He first worked with Fay Wray, the unforgettable star of King Kong, on Four Feathers and again in Most Dangerous Game.