Erwin Schrodinger | Physicist

Erwin Schrodinger | Physicist

Name Erwin Schrodinger
Profession Physicist
Date of Birth 1887-08-12
Place of Birth Vienna,
Age 73 yrs
Death Date 1961-01-04
Birth Sign Leo

About Erwin Schrodinger

Austrian physicist who is best known for using a cat in a box to explain quantum mechanics. His 1944 book What Is Life? examines issues of genetics.

Early Life Experience of Erwin Schrodinger

Reading Arthur Schopenhauer’s work got him interested in color theory and philosophy.

Trivia Info

In 1933, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the Schrodinger equation, commonly referred to as Schrodinger’s Cat.

Family Life and Relationship

His parents’ names were Georgine Emilia Brenda Bauer and Rudolf Schrodinger. He was married to Annemarie Bertel from 1920 until 1961.

Close Associates

Another famous Austrian musician like him is Joseph Haydn.