Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer

Name Albert Schweitzer
Profession Doctor
Date of Birth 1875-01-14
Place of Birth Kaysersberg,
Age 90 yrs
Death Date 1965-09-04
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Albert Schweitzer

Doctor who founded the humanitarian Albert Schweitzer Hospital Lambarene, West Africa. In 1952, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his “Reverence for Life” philosophy.

Early Life Experience of Albert Schweitzer

He learned how to play music from his father.

Trivia Info

His philosophy of reverence for life led him to spend his life trying to help others.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Helene Bresslau in 1912, and together they had a daughter named Rhena.

Close Associates

He was heavily influenced by the works of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.