Mary Seacole | Memoirist

Mary Seacole | Memoirist

Name Mary Seacole
Profession Memoirist
Date of Birth 1805-11-23
Place of Birth Kingston,
Age 75 yrs
Death Date 1881-05-14
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Mary Seacole

Remembered for her 1857 memoir Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands, this Jamaican-born writer and nurse assisted soldiers during the Crimean War and fought for racial tolerance by openly celebrating her multi-ethnic heritage.

Early Life Experience of Mary Seacole

She first traveled from her native Jamaica in the early 1820s, living in England for a year and doing her best to combat the racial prejudice she encountered there.

Trivia Info

During the Crimean War, she traveled overseas and established a medical and rest facility in Crimea (modern-day Ukraine) known as the British Hotel.

Family Life and Relationship

The child of a Scottish military man and a Jamaican medicine woman, she was born Mary Jane Grant and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. In the 1830s, she married Edwin Horatio Hamilton Seacole.

Close Associates

She and Florence Nightingale both nursed soldiers wounded in the Crimean War.