Pop Singer |  Shaaban Abdelrahim

Pop Singer | Shaaban Abdelrahim

Name Shaaban Abdelrahim
Profession Pop Singer
Date of Birth 1957-03-15
Place of Birth Egypt
Death Date
Birth Sign Pisces

About Shaaban Abdelrahim

Egyptian pop singer who caused controversy with his 2000 song “I Hate Israel.”

Early Life Experience of Shaaban Abdelrahim

He worked for a number of years as a laundry presser before being encouraged to chase stardom.

Trivia Info

His popular political songs include “Bin Bin Bin Bin Laden,” which was censored in his home country.

Family Life and Relationship

His father was a film director in the 1930s and 1940s.

Close Associates

He came onto the scene before fellow Egyptian pop singer Tamer Hosny.