TV Actor |  Shalom Michaelshwili

TV Actor | Shalom Michaelshwili

Name Shalom Michaelshwili
Profession TV Actor
Date of Birth 1978-08-19
Place of Birth Ramla,
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Shalom Michaelshwili

Television veteran who has become famous for roles like Moti Amoyal on Asfur, Nicola Kovlova on The Arbitrator, and Zina Kirlanikov and Anachnu BaMapa. He has also landed roles in a number of popular films, including The Assassin Next Door (2009) and Yona (2014). 

Early Life Experience of Shalom Michaelshwili

He made his acting debut on an episode of Shidurey HaMahapecha in 2002.

Trivia Info

He performed the song “Kulano Oto Davar” for the soundtrack to the comedy series Buba Shel Medina.

Family Life and Relationship

He was married to Keren Malachi from 2005 to 2010. He later dated Inbal Salvi.

Close Associates

He began co-starring with Shira Naor on Anachnu BaMapa in 2015.

Rock Singer |  Shalom Hanoch

Rock Singer | Shalom Hanoch

Name Shalom Hanoch
Profession Rock Singer
Date of Birth 1946-09-01
Place of Birth Israel
Death Date
Birth Sign Virgo

About Shalom Hanoch

Rock singer who is known for bringing rock music to the forefront of Israeli culture. Some of his best work was produced by Arik Einstein.

Early Life Experience of Shalom Hanoch

He got his first jazz guitar at 12, and had written his first son “Laila” by age 14. 

Trivia Info

His 1981 album White Wedding marked a change in his vocal tone, an increase in the complexity of his music, and a darker, more personal lyrical content. 

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in a Jewish community known as Kibbutz Mishmarot to his parents Chaim and Sarah.

Close Associates

He and Gene Simmons are both rock singers from Israel.