Family Member | Shani Fishman

Name Shani Fishman
Profession Family Member
Date of Birth 1995-02-22
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA
Death Date
Birth Sign Pisces

About Shani Fishman

Older sister of YouTube sensations Tal and Adi Fishman, content creators behind the channels Free Time and Game Time. She worked professionally in the education and communication fields.

Early Life Experience of Shani Fishman

She attended California State University, Northridge where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She then earned a Master of Science degree from California Lutheran University.

Trivia Info

She was part of the trip staff for Birthright Israel Foundation in the summer of 2017.

Family Life and Relationship

She is the older sister of both Tal and Adi.

Close Associates

One of her brother’s YouTube partners is Nick Mayorga.

TV Actress |  Shani Atias

TV Actress | Shani Atias

Name Shani Atias
Profession TV Actress
Date of Birth 1991-08-21
Place of Birth Haifa,
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Shani Atias

Israeli actress who has acted in works such as Ten Days in the Valley and Devil’s Night. She has also appeared in projects like CSI: Cyber and NCIS: New Orleans. 

Early Life Experience of Shani Atias

She first rose to fame in the 2005 TV series Exit in the role of Meital. 

Trivia Info

She acted in the 2017 short film Tzeva Adom: The Color Red. She took a trip to California in the USA in September 2018. 

Family Life and Relationship

She posted a photo with her sister and brother to her Instagram account in October 2018. 

Close Associates

She acted alongside J.K. Simmons in the television series Counterpart. 

Switzerland | Shani Tarashaj

Switzerland | Shani Tarashaj

First name Shani
Last name Tarashaj
Nationality Switzerland
Date of birth 7 February 1995
Age 24
Country of birth Switzerland
Place of birth Hausen am Albis
Position Attacker
Height 176 cm
Weight 82 kg
Foot Right