Harlow Shapley

Harlow Shapley

Name Harlow Shapley
Profession Astronomer
Date of Birth 1885-11-02
Place of Birth Missouri
Age 86 yrs
Death Date 1972-10-20
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Harlow Shapley

Award-winning astronomer remembered for correctly estimating the size of the Milky Way Galaxy. He also originated the concept of “habitable zones,” which describes areas in space where liquid water can be supported.

Early Life Experience of Harlow Shapley

He was a Journalism student at the University of Missouri before switching his focus to Astronomy.

Trivia Info

The “Shapley” crater on Earth’s moon is named in his honor.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Martha Betz in 1914. One of his sons is Nobel Prize-winning economist Lloyd Shapley.

Close Associates

He led a public campaign against what he perceived as the pseudoscience of Russian psychiatrist Immanuel Velikovsky.