Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman

Name Pat Tillman
Profession Football Player
Date of Birth 1976-11-06
Place of Birth Fremont, CA
Age 27 yrs
Death Date 2004-04-22
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Pat Tillman

Former NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals who quit football to join the U.S. Army and was tragically killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.

Early Life of Pat Tillman

He went to Arizona State on a football scholarship and performed better then expected.


His death was the subject of much controversy while members of the government and the army attempted to skew the details of his death in order to paint him as more of a heroic poster-boy.

Family Life

He married his high school sweetheart Marie Ugenti in 2002 just before enlisting in the army.

Associated With

He was the first professional football player to be killed in combat since Bob Kalsu, who died in 1970.

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Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman

Name Charles Tillman
Profession Football Player
Date of Birth 1981-02-23
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Death Date
Birth Sign Pisces

About Charles Tillman

Shutdown NFL cornerback who was named to his first All-Pro team with the Chicago Bears in 2012.

Early Life of Charles Tillman

He was selected in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft after playing college football at Louisiana-Lafayette University.


He was not voted into the Pro Bowl until his 9th NFL season, despite having several outstanding seasons.

Family Life

He has three sons and a daughter with his wife Jackie Tillman.

Associated With

He was teammates with star linebacker Brian Urlacher for the first decade of his NFL career.

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