Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy

Name Leo Tolstoy
Profession Novelist
Date of Birth 1828-08-28
Place of Birth Russia
Age 82 yrs
Death Date 1910-11-20
Birth Sign Virgo

About Leo Tolstoy

Nineteenth-century Russian author whose most famous works of realism are his epic novels, War and Peace (1869) and Anna Karenina (1877). His other works include autobiographical novels, novellas, essays, and plays.

Early Life Experience of Leo Tolstoy

He set out to study law at Kazan University, but was a poor student. After leaving his studies behind and accruing considerable gambling debts, he followed his brother into the army.

Trivia Info

His famous novel, Anna Karenina, is considered a pinnacle of realist fiction.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born into Russian nobility as the child of Count Nikolai Ilyich Tolstoy and Countess Mariya Tolstaya. He had four siblings. Tolstoy’s marriage to Sophia Andreevna Behrs started blissfully, however his radical beliefs eventually strained the relationship. He had a total of 14 children.

Close Associates

Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky are considered Russia’s two greatest novelists.

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