Clyde Tombaugh

Clyde Tombaugh

Name Clyde Tombaugh
Profession Astronomer
Date of Birth 1906-02-04
Place of Birth Streator, IL
Age 90 yrs
Death Date 1997-01-17
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Clyde Tombaugh

Astronomer who discovered Pluto, which is no longer considered a planet. He discovered nearly 800 asteroids as well as numerous stars and galaxy clusters.

Early Life Experience of Clyde Tombaugh

His detailed drawings of Jupiter and Mars, with the use of his own homemade telescopes, landed him a job offer with the Lowell Observatory.

Trivia Info

He was one of the first scientist to call for the serious scientific research of unidentified flying objects, or “U.F.O.s.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Patricia Esdon in 1934, the couple had two children.

Close Associates

He discovered Pluto, but the inspiration for its name came from Percival Lowell.