Tomoyuki Yamashita

Tomoyuki Yamashita

Name Tomoyuki Yamashita
Profession War Hero
Date of Birth 1885-11-08
Place of Birth Japan
Age 60 yrs
Death Date 1946-02-23
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Tomoyuki Yamashita

Imperial Japanese Army general in World War II, who conquered Malaya and Singapore and whose trial for war crimes set a legal precedent called the “Yamashita Standard.”

Early Life Experience of Tomoyuki Yamashita

In 1905, he graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy and became second lieutenant.

Trivia Info

He attempted to defend the Philippines from allied troops, but the breakdown of the chain of communication led to the Manila Massacre.

Family Life and Relationship

In 1916, he married Hisaki Nagayama.

Close Associates

After being sentenced to death, he appealed for clemency to President Harry S. Truman, but his request was denied.