Lothar Von Trotha

Lothar Von Trotha

Name Lothar Von Trotha
Profession War Hero
Date of Birth 1848-07-03
Place of Birth Denmark
Age 71 yrs
Death Date 1920-03-31
Birth Sign Cancer

About Lothar Von Trotha

Commander and former war hero who was disgraced for his attempt to exterminate the Herero people during the Herero Wars in German-occupied South-West Africa.

Early Life Experience of Lothar Von Trotha

He fought in the Wahehe Rebellion, the Boxer Rebellion, and two wars.

Trivia Info

He earned the rank of general while serving in the Royal Prussian Army and the German Army.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Bertha Neumann on October 15, 1872.

Close Associates

He led a genocide like Adolf Hitler.

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