Sato Tsubasa

Sato Tsubasa

Name Sato Tsubasa
Profession Hockey Player
Date of Birth 1993-01-03
Place of Birth Japan
Death Date
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Sato Tsubasa

Japanese female hockey player turned reality star who rose to fame appearing on the Real World-esque Terrace House. 

Early Life of Sato Tsubasa

She was born in the northern part of Nagano, Japan. She’d begin appearing on Terrace House in 2012.


She has worked as a personal trainer when she isn’t playing hockey.

Family Life

She’s lived in Karuizawa, Japan since the third grade. She gained notoriety on the second season of Terrace House when she began a relationship with fellow cast member and housemate model Shion.

Associated With

Arisa Ohata, Yuya Shibusawa and Lauren Tsai have also appeared on Terrace House.

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Tsubasa Kuragaki

Tsubasa Kuragaki

Name Tsubasa Kuragaki
Profession Wrestler
Date of Birth 1975-12-07
Place of Birth Japan
Death Date
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Tsubasa Kuragaki

Achieved most of her success performing with JWP Joshi Puroresu in both singles and tag team championships.

Early Life Experience of Tsubasa Kuragaki

She trained at the JWP Joshi Puroresu dojo and made her debut on January 8th, 1995.

Trivia Info

She has a series of finishing moves including Firebird Splash, Jikiden Falcon Arrow, Luna Wing, and Metal Wing.

Family Life and Relationship

She was born in Kamagaya, Chiba.

Close Associates

She is a female professional wrestler like Velvet Sky.

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