Earl Tupper | Inventor

Earl Tupper | Inventor

Name Earl Tupper
Profession Inventor
Date of Birth 1907-07-28
Place of Birth New Hampshire
Age 76 yrs
Death Date 1983-10-05
Birth Sign Leo

About Earl Tupper

Famous for inventing Tupperware plastic storage containers, he established the Tupperware Plastics Company and began selling his products in the late 1930s.

Early Life of Earl Tupper

After studying at Rhode Island’s Bryant University, he started a landscaping company that ultimately went bankrupt as a result of the Great Depression. He invented his famous Tupperware product while working for the DuPont Chemical Company.


“Tupperware parties,” in which Tupper’s products are informally sold, were the brainchild of Tupper’s one-time business partner Brownie Wise.

Family Life

He spent his early years in Berlin, New Hampshire, and later lived and worked in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida. After divorcing his wife in the late 1950s, he settled in Costa Rica.

Associated With

He and Teflon developer Roy Plunkett are both notable for their revolutionary plastics inventions.

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Charles Tupper

Charles Tupper

Name Charles Tupper
Profession Politician
Date of Birth 1821-07-02
Place of Birth Amherst,
Age 94 yrs
Death Date 1915-10-30
Birth Sign Cancer

About Charles Tupper

One of Canada’s founding fathers who played a pivotal role in introducing Nova Scotia into the Canadian Confederation in 1867. He also served as Minister of Public Works and Minister of Railways and Canals.

Early Life Experience of Charles Tupper

He had his first political position as a provincial secretary before becoming the 5th Premier of Nova Scotia in 1864.

Trivia Info

He also went on to serve a brief stint as the 6th Prime Minister of Canada in 1896.

Family Life and Relationship

He and his wife Frances Morse had six children: Orin, Charles, William, Emma, Lilly, and Sophy.

Close Associates

He is a former Prime Minister of Canada like his 20th century contemporary Justin Trudeau .

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