Ivan Turgenev

Ivan Turgenev

Name Ivan Turgenev
Profession Novelist
Date of Birth 1818-11-09
Place of Birth Russia
Age 64 yrs
Death Date 1883-09-03
Birth Sign Scorpio

About Ivan Turgenev

Notable for his 1862 novel Fathers and Sons and for his 1852 short story collection A Sportsman’s Sketches, Turgenev was a key figure in late 19th-century Russia’s literary realism movement.

Early Life Experience of Ivan Turgenev

He was educated at the University of Moscow, the University of Saint Petersburg, and the University of Berlin.

Trivia Info

During the early 1840s, he was a civil servant with the Russian Ministry of Interior.

Family Life and Relationship

Born into a troubled upper-class family, Turgenev and his brother Nicolas were the sons of military man Sergei Nikolaevich Turgenev and the wealthy, physically abusive Varvara Petrovna Lutovinova. Through his relationship with a serf bound to his family’s land, he fathered an illegitimate child named Paulinette.

Close Associates

Turgenev and 19th-century playwright and fiction writer Anton Chekhov both penned important works of Russian Realism.

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