Instagram Star |  Syven TurnUpKids

Instagram Star | Syven TurnUpKids

Name Syven TurnUpKids
Profession Instagram Star
Date of Birth 2011-07-02
Place of Birth Cleveland, OH
Death Date
Birth Sign Cancer

About Syven TurnUpKids

One member of the viral kids hip hop group Turn Up Kids which is responsible for singles like “Litty” and “I Came 2 Kill.”

Early Life Experience of Syven TurnUpKids

The Turn Up Kids debuted in October 2015 with the video “Turn UP Kids 2Girlfriends t.u.1.t.”

Trivia Info

The April 2016 music video “Turn Up Kids I Came 2 Kill It” earned more than 1 million views following it’s release.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

Close Associates

The Turn Up Kids have posted photos with stars like Mateo and Ayleo Bowles.

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