Naomi Uemura

Naomi Uemura

Name Naomi Uemura
Profession Explorer
Date of Birth 1941-02-12
Place of Birth Japan
Age 43 yrs
Death Date 1984-12-13
Birth Sign Aquarius

About Naomi Uemura

He climbed the world’s tallest peaks, traversed the length of his country, and hiked to the North Pole in solitude.

Early Life of Naomi Uemura

He took up mountain climbing as a way to get over his shyness.


He had many close calls, especially in his North Pole expedition, where he faced bears and shifting ice floes.

Family Life

He grew up in Hidaka, Japan.

Associated With

While mountaineers like Sir Edmund Hillary were able to summit the highest mountains with guides and Sherapas, Uemura was the first one to succeed at it alone.

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