Jakob Von Uexkull

Jakob Von Uexkull

Name Jakob Von Uexkull
Profession Biologist
Date of Birth 1864-09-08
Place of Birth Estonia
Age 79 yrs
Death Date 1944-07-25
Birth Sign Virgo

About Jakob Von Uexkull

Baltic German biologist who was one of the pioneers of biosemiotics, or the interpretation of signs and codes. He anticipating many of the ideas of computer science and robotics some 25 years before they were invented.

Early Life Experience of Jakob Von Uexkull

He was a professor at the University of Hamburg.

Trivia Info

He studied muscular physiology, animal behaviour, and the cybernetics of life during his long, varied career.

Family Life and Relationship

His son Thure von Uexkull was also a biologist.

Close Associates

He worked in scientific fields during the same period as French chemist, Louis Pasteur.

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