Emilia Uggla

Emilia Uggla

Name Emilia Uggla
Profession Pianist
Date of Birth 1819-02-24
Place of Birth Sweden
Age 35 yrs
Death Date 1855-02-15
Birth Sign Pisces

About Emilia Uggla

Classical concert pianist and concert singer who was of Swedish nobility.

Early Life Experience of Emilia Uggla

She studied piano with Olof Willman. Her first public concert was in Stockholm when she was 11. She gave it anonymously.

Trivia Info

She toured Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Russia from 1831 until 1843.

Family Life and Relationship

She was born to noble captain Carl Wilhelm Uggla and Sara Johanna Frykman. She died while giving birth.

Close Associates

Her nobility may not have been carried on by Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA, but the legacy of international Swedish musical contributions certainly was.

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