Jelle van vutch

Jelle van vutch

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Jelle Van Vucht (Jelly) Contact / YouTube Star Date Of Birth/Age : 14/10/1996 Birthplace : Netherlands Occupation : YouTube Star Jelle Van Vutch (popularly called Jelly) was born on October 14, 1996 in Roermond, Netherlands. Jelly is a YouTuber with 2 channels. One is JellyYT in which he uploads comedy gaming videos and vlogs with over 7 million subscribers. The other one is GTA5Videos, which is a for the promotion of content creators. He has a twin that looks just like him. In May 2014, he started uploading comedy videos to YouTube. He uploads two videos everyday. He is a member of a group of gamers named “Robust.” He has over 266,000 followers on instagram and has a present net worth of a couple of millions of dollars. He is a friends with Kwebblekop and owns his own clothing line. He is presently in a relationship with Sanna, a fellow YouTuber.