Abdulla Yameen – World Leader

Abdulla Yameen – World Leader

Name Abdulla Yameen
Profession World Leader
Date of Birth 1970-01-01
Place of Birth Maldives
Death Date
Birth Sign Gemini

About Abdulla Yameen

This Progressive Party politician took office in late 2013 as sixth president of the Maldives. His older brother, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, had held the same office from 1978 until 2008.

Early Life Experience of Abdulla Yameen

After earning a business degree from the American University of Beirut and a public policy degree from California’s Claremont Graduate University, he served on the Maldives’ People’s Majlis legislative body.

Trivia Info

He carried out several important initiatives of the Maldives’ State Electric Company.

Family Life and Relationship

He was born in Malé, the Republic of Maldives, to Attorney General Abdul Qayyoom Ibrahim.

Close Associates

He succeeded Mohammed Waheed Hassan as President of the Maldives.

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