Yasujiro Ozu

Yasujiro Ozu

Name Yasujiro Ozu
Profession Director
Date of Birth 1903-12-12
Place of Birth Japan
Age 60 yrs
Death Date 1963-12-12
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Yasujiro Ozu

Motion picture director who originated during the silent film era and became most recognized for his works Late Spring and Tokyo Story.

Early Life Experience of Yasujiro Ozu

He started directing in 1927 with a large portion of his earliest films not surviving. His earliest surviving film is called Student Romance: Days of Youth.

Trivia Info

A couple of his other notable films include the 1951 picture Early Summer and the 1959 movie Floating Weeds.

Family Life and Relationship

He shares a grave with his mother.

Close Associates

He directed Setsuko Hara in what is considered to be his masterpiece Tokyo Story.

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