Yisrael Kristal – Supercentenarian

Yisrael Kristal – Supercentenarian

Name Yisrael Kristal
Profession Supercentenarian
Date of Birth 1903-09-15
Place of Birth Poland
Age 113 yrs
Death Date 2017-08-11
Birth Sign Virgo

About Yisrael Kristal

Polish-Israeli supercentenarian who became one of the world’s oldest living man at 113 years old by the Guinness World Records in March 2016. He also became recognized as the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor in 2014. 

Early Life Experience of Yisrael Kristal

He was self-employed and made boutique sweets of tiny liquor bottles made of chocolate with jam and chocolate-covered orange peels for Soviet soldiers.

Trivia Info

He celebrated his bar mitzvah in September 2016 at the age of 113 since he was unable to do so at the age of 13 due to WWI.

Family Life and Relationship

He was married twice to Chaje Feige Frucht in 1928 and to Batsheva in 1947. He has four children and nine grandchildren.

Close Associates

He and Sarah Knauss have both been held the Guinness World Record for oldest living person.

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