Yohannes IV – King

Yohannes IV – King

Name Yohannes IV
Profession King
Date of Birth 1837-07-11
Place of Birth Ethiopia
Age 51 yrs
Death Date 1889-03-10
Birth Sign Cancer

About Yohannes IV

Ethiopian royalty who served as the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1871 until his death in 1889. He is remembered for his long and bloody squabbles with Ottoman Egypt and Sudan. 

Early Life Experience of Yohannes IV

He was born in the Tigray province of Ethiopia.

Trivia Info

His full official title was His Imperial Majesty John IV, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Zion, King of Kings of Ethiopia and Elect of God.

Family Life and Relationship

His son, Haile Selassie Gugsa, ruled over eastern Tigray beginning in April 1932.

Close Associates

He and explorer Wilfred Thesiger both lived in Ethopia back when it was still named Abyssinia.

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