Akiko Yosano

Akiko Yosano

Name Akiko Yosano
Profession Poet
Date of Birth 1878-12-07
Place of Birth Japan
Age 63 yrs
Death Date 1942-05-29
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Akiko Yosano

Renowned and controversial Japanese poet, writer, feminist, and pacifist who wrote between 20,000 and 50,000 poems. She is perhaps best known for an anti-war poem entitled “Kimi Shinitamou koto nakare” and published during the Russo-Japanese War.

Early Life Experience of Akiko Yosano

She ran her merchant family’s yokan (candy) business beginning at the young age of eleven.

Trivia Info

Her birth name was Sho Ho; Akiko Yosano was her pen name.

Family Life and Relationship

She married literary editor Tekkan Yosano in 1901. She subsequently gave birth to thirteen children.

Close Associates

She was a literary contemporary of fellow Japanese author Eji Yoshikawa.

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