Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

Personal Life

Family Life

Simon was originally from Rhosllanerchrugog, Wrexham in North Wales. He grew up with a younger brother named Ben and a younger sister named Moira.


Simon was originally an entrepreneur and filmmaker, until he dropped out of university after studying business and media, and then studying psychology and now makes YouTube videos documenting his adventures and experiences while traveling the country.


Main Series

  • No Money Challenges
  • 7 Wonders Of The World In 7 Days
  • No Money Rat Race

No Money Rat Race

The No Money Rat Race is a series where 5 contestants must from a unknown location in Europe must travel to Monaco, with no money. The person to get there first wins £5,000. The series trailer was uploaded on the 3 of December 2019, and the first episode is was uploaded on the 9th of December 2019. Simon partnered with the Three Shades Creative production company to make this series, the series is to raise awareness for mental heath, more specially the charity The Bridge Retreat charity for mental heath.


Episode One

In episode one the contestants are:

  • 29 year old Gordon Forbes, from Cork, Ireland.
  • 20 year old Robin Miller, from Belfast, Northern Island.
  • 33 year old Ricky Ricardo, from Birmingham.
  • 24 year old Lee Kay-Barry, from London.
  • 21 year old Bethany Cook, from Bristol.

The 5 contestants, and Simon then fly in a private jet to an unknown location, where they are then blindfolded and took to a rugby pitch, they then take their blindfolds off to find they are in Amsterdam. Simon then takes away all their stuff (Phones etc) and gives them a bag which has in:

  • A Bottle of water,
  • A pack of rich tea biscuits,
  • A bottle of the ‘finest’ tomato ketchup (Heinz),
  • A £1 umbrella,
  • A cheap keypad phone, with €10 credit, and Simon’s number.

He then tells them that todays checkpoint is The Grand Palace, Brussels. By the end of the episode the positions are:

  • 1st place – Bethany,
  • 2nd place – Gordon, Ricky, and Lee,
  • 3rd place – Robin.

Episode Two

In episode two the contestants must make it from Brussels to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The first person to make it to the checkpoint will get a hotel room all to there self. By the end of the episode the positions are:

  • 1st place – Robin.
  • 2nd place – Lee.
  • 3rd place – Not said.
  • 4th place – Not said.
  • 5th place – Not said.


  • What a lovely, genuine guy!
  • Literally!
  • We’re all good.
  • Happy days!
  • Spa day.
  • Fair play
  • Absolutely shattered
  • Absolutely knackered 
  • Cheers, thanks very much
  • Mate
  • Check this out!


  • After all his travelling he has only ever hitchhiked in one video.
  • Simon has a sister called Moira Wilson.
  • Simon has a family dog (pug) called Penny.
  • Simon studied media and business at university, and then studying psychology before dropping out.
  • He’s had the opportunity to meet celebs such as Casey Neistat, James Corden, Richard Branson, and Jonah Hill throughout his travels.
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Bald and Bankrupt

Bald and Bankrupt

Benjamin Rich, better known online as bald and bankrupt, is a British YouTuber who focuses on traveling to peculiar foreign countries or parts of them. Most of his videos have been filmed in India and Russia, although he has made videos on other countries including Burma, Bolivia, and several countries of the former communist bloc such as Belarus, Moldova, and more.

Personal Life

Bald And Bankrupt is British of Irish and Polish ancestry and was previously married to a Belarusian woman, who he has since divorced. He has a daughter from his ex-wife and is dating a Belarusian woman named Alina, who has appeared in some of his videos. The name “bald and bankrupt” comes from Ben being bald and bankrupt from a bookshop business he once had in Brighton.  He also worked as a hotel manager in India, whilst living there in the early 90’s and has written a book about his journey in Belarus called The Burning Edge: Travels Through Irradiated Belarus under the pseudonym of Arthur Chichester. He is proficient in Russian, can get by in Hindi, and has a small understanding of Spanish.

YouTube Videos

Bald And Bankrupt first decided to produce YouTube videos after his friend Harald Baldr convinced him to do his own travel videos. The first video Bald And Bankrupt did was I Love India’s Policewomen, uploaded on 12th June 2018, which was his travels in India observing some of India’s beautiful policewomen. His videos on India started to gain popularity from the country with it’s humour and his near fluency in the Hindi language. Those videos, as well as other countries gained him popularity, where remarkably he gained well over 900,000 subscribers in just one year. His popularity led to PewDiePie saying in a July 2019 interview with Cold Ones on YouTube that his current favourite YouTuber was bald and bankrupt. He has also done several collaboration videos with the Russian YouTuber NFKRZ, where the two visited the latter’s hometown of Chelyabinsk and other nearby areas.


  • According to his YouTube about page, he claims that his channel is PewDiePie‘s favorite.
Join me on my travels meeting people and drinking vodka in places other vloggers don’t want to visit.Oh and it’s Pewdiepie’s favourite channel.



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