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USA – Ivanka Trump – MBTI Personality Profile with Bio, career stats and Net worth

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USA – Ivanka Trump – MBTI Personality Profile with Bio, career stats and Net worth

USA – Ivanka Trump – MBTI Personality Profile with Bio, career stats and Net worth

As requested by fans, below is the typing of the visual Identification & Myers Briggs Type. You can vote your favourite MBTI type now by selecting Place your vote below. There are really good descriptions of the MBTI physical appearance here.

MBTI personality type: ESFJ

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Total: 227 Votes

ENFJ   (23)


ENTP   (21)


ISFP   (20)


ESFJ   (18)


ESFP   (18)


Type by functions of ESFJ Personality

Dominant function

Fe - Extroverted Ethics, Ethics & Emotions

Auxiliary function

Si - Introverted Sensing, Experiential Sensing

Tertiary function

Ne - Extroverted Intuition, Intuition of Possibilities & Ideas

Inferior function

Ti - Introverted Logic, Structural Logic

Top functions by all votes.

Passport Info

Net Worth: Between $5 million and $25 million





Heiress and socialite who is primarily known for her celebrity parents. She became the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions for her father’s company, The Trump Organization.

Before Fame

She attended the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania.


Her first magazine appearance was in a 1997 issue of Seventeen.

Family Life

Her parents are US President Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. She married Jared Kushner in 2009 and the couple has a daughter named Arabella and two sons named Joseph and Theodore.

Associated With

She dated former Spider-Man actor Topher Grace in 2006.

Ivanka Trump Biography

Business Leader, Reality Television Star (1981–)
Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, is a real estate developer, reality star, and founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection.

Who Is Ivanka Trump?

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of U.S. president and real estate mogul Donald Trump and socialite Ivana Trump. Embarking first on a modeling career in her teens, Ivanka redirected her ambitions and joined her father’s business empire after college. From 2006 to 2015, she worked alongside her father and two brothers as a judge on Celebrity Apprentice. She is currently an executive vice president at the Trump Organization and founder of her own fashion brand, the Ivanka Trump Collection. She is married to real estate developer Jared Kushner and has three children with him.

Early Life

Born on October 30, 1981 in Manhattan, Ivanka Trump grew up in the limelight alongside her famous parents, real estate mogul Donald Trump and socialite/Czech-American model Ivana Trump. The couple’s marriage dissolved when Ivanka was 10, and she went on to attend boarding school. She was a student at the Chapin School and then later transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut.

Unhappy at Choate but promising her parents she’d keep up her grades, Ivanka decided to try her hand at modeling at age 14. She soon signed on with Elite Model Management and graced her first cover with Seventeen magazine in 1997. She would walk the runways for Thierry Mugler, Versace, and Marc Bouwer, be featured in Elle magazine, and co-host the Miss Teen USA 1997 pageant all by the age of 16.

Joining the Family Business

However, Ivanka soon found the world of modeling to be catty and ruthless and steered her ambitions toward the family business: real estate. After graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, her father’s alma mater, Ivanka spent two years working at a real estate development firm outside of her father’s organization. 

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