What is Socionics

AushraSocionics is a relatively young and dynamically developing branch of psychology which is based on Carl Jung’s work on Psychological Types, Freud’s theory of the conscious and unconscious, and Antoni Kepinski’s theory of information metabolism.

Socionics was founded by a Lithuanian woman and the researcher Aushra Augustinavichute in the 70s, when she combined different knowledge of the human psyche into one structural theory and then the model. The real development of Socionics occurred in the 80s.

JungSocionics is based upon the idea that a person’s character acts like a set of blocks called “psychological functions”. Different ways of combining and chaining these functions result in different ways of accepting and producing information, which in turn results in different behavior patterns and thus different character types.

Augustinavichute’s structural approach to the functioning of the human psyche made it possible to go far beyond the theory of psychological types. The main advantage of Socionics is the intertype relations theory. Knowing the basic mechanics of type interactions one can anticipate the development in human relationships with incredible accuracy. This makes it a very powerful tool when dealing with problems in relationships. Generally, a minimum amount of knowledge of Socionics is irreplaceable in any field of human activity where more than one person is involved having to work or live together.

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