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Mimi Guda Mercedez

About Mimi Guda Mercedez

Rapper who released five songs in 2013. They were entitled “Heaven Fazon,” “Oduvana,” “The Only Thing I Know,” “That s The One,” and “Diamondz on My Mind.”

Early life

She started her career in hip-hop at the age of 19 but became serious about it after joining the group, Bomb of the Nineties.


She has performed under various names including Guda from Huda, Kabasti Koblenz, Sister Drugarica, and Jovanka Oroz. She has over 120,000 followers on her Jovanka Broz Instagram account.

Family of Mimi Guda Mercedez

She has a sister named Olga.

Close associates of Mimi Guda Mercedez

She and Eminem are both rappers that have covered drug addiction in their music.

Mariana Botas

About Mariana Botas

Actress who rose to widespread fame for her role as Martina on the Mexican sitcom Una familia de diez. She starred throughout the series only season in 2007 before starring on the 2011-2012 telenovela Esperanza del corazón.

Early life

She began her acting career in 1998 with her appearance in the children s telenovela Una luz en el camino.


She has appeared in multiple episodes of the Mexican anthology TV series Como dice el dicho. She also appeared in the drama TV series La rosa de Guadalupe between 2008-2009. 

Family of Mariana Botas

She was originally born and raised in Mexico. 

Close associates of Mariana Botas

She and Lucia Mendez starred alongside one another on the popular telenovela Esperanza del corazon. 



Susana Villarán

About Susana Villarán

Peruvian politician who is best recognized for having been the first woman to serve as the mayor of Lima. She is known for being the vice president of the Partido Descentralista Fuerza Social party and has also worked as a political journalist. 

Early life

She studied at the Colegio Sagrados Corazones Chaley of Chorrillos. She started working as a member of Lima s Metropolitan Municipality in 1983 and started by co-founding the child nutrition program Vaso de leche. This eventually led to her being elected to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Children. 


She is also known for having published the book Picking Up the Pieces: Corruption and Democracy in Peru in 2006. 

Family of Susana Villarán

She was born and raised in Lima, Peru and has three children names Emmanuel, Soledad, and Ignacio. 

Close associates of Susana Villarán

She is known for having served as the Minister of the Promotion of Women and of Human Development under the President Valentin Paniagua in November of 2000. 



Tori Anderson

About Tori Anderson

Best recognized for her starring role as Dr. London Blake on the Teen Nick series Open Heart. She previously held a recurring role on the series The L.A. Complex. In 2017, she had a recurring role as Blake on Blindspot.

Early life

Her first credited role came in 2003 when she guest-starred on Tru Calling. She was in a few television movies between 2004 and 2006 as well.


She was a guest-star on notable series such as Smallville, The 4400, Rookie Blue, Murdoch Mysteries, Warehouse 13 and Reign.

Family of Tori Anderson

She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Close associates of Tori Anderson

She was featured in the Kim Basinger starring television movie The Mermaid Chair.



Sonia Domingues

About Sonia Domingues

American nail stylist and Instagram influencer who is widely recognized for creating the popular BadGirlNails brand. She built an immense social media presence, with well over 1.1 million followers on her badgirlnails Instagram account.

Early life

She worked as a sales associate for Lush cosmetics.


In June 2017, she promoted products from Live Love Polish s line.

Family of Sonia Domingues

She is from the United States.

Close associates of Sonia Domingues

In March 2016, she posted a meme of Donald Trump.