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Marjorie Finlay

About Marjorie Finlay

Singer and TV personality who won the ABC radio show s Music With the Girls 1950 singing contest, which allowed her to tour with the show. She was also the grandmother of Taylor Swift, who cited her as a main influence on pursuing a music career.

Early life

She earned her bachelor s degree in music from Lindenwood College in 1949. She performed with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.


She became known as the MC for the Puerto Rican TV show El Show Pan-Americano. She was named an honorary captain of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard in 1962.

Family of Marjorie Finlay

She had two daughters with her husband Robert. Her grandson is Austin Swift.

Close associates of Marjorie Finlay

She was featured posthumously through backing vocals on Taylor Swift s 2020 single “Marjorie.” 

Zachary Lombard

About Zachary Lombard

Otherwise known as MAGNUM05, he makes up one half of the gaming duo Lombard Bros known on Twitch and Youtube. He also has his own gaming channel. The brothers are primarily known for playing car and racing games like Forza and Rocket League. 

Early life

He first began his gaming career in September 2013 when he creating his personal YouTube channel. The Lombard Bros. Gaming channel would later be created in January 2015. 


His love of cars isn t limited to video games; he has also volunteered at the Automobile Driving Museum. 

Family of Zachary Lombard

His brother, Joseph Lombard, makes up the other half of the Lombard Bros Gaming duo. He has high-functioning autism and Asperger s. 

Close associates of Zachary Lombard

Like Aarava, he is a Twitch star who has built an audience streaming racing games. 

Kim Goldman

About Kim Goldman

Victim s advocate who rose to prominence after her brother, Ron Goldman, was slain in 1994, which was prosecuted in the OJ Simpson murder trial. She has contributed and authored various books involving the case, including 2015 s Media Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in the Public Eye.

Early life

She had been studying child psychology prior to her brother s murder. She contributed to her first book, the New York Times best-seller His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice, in 1998.


She has appeared on various TV newsmagazine programs, including FOX News and MSNBC. She has also run her own podcast called Broadscast.

Family of Kim Goldman

She grew up alongside her brother Ron and father Fred. Her mother is Sharon Rufo.

Close associates of Kim Goldman

Her brother Ron Goldman had been working as a waiter and actor prior to his slaying in 1994.

Samuel Garner Affleck

About Samuel Garner Affleck

The third child and first son of screen actress Jennifer Garner and actor and director Ben Affleck.

Early life

His parents fans learned of his birth through a post on Ben Affleck s Facebook account.


His mother is perhaps most famous for her starring role on the television series Alias, and his father is known for co-writing and acting in Good Will Hunting and for directing and starring in Argo.

Family of Samuel Garner Affleck

He has two older sisters named Violet and Seraphina. In 2015, his parents announced they were spanorcing.

Close associates of Samuel Garner Affleck

His mother was once married to actor Scott Foley.

Marina LeBlanc

About Marina LeBlanc

Daughter of Friends star Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight.

Early life

She was born a medical condition called dysplasia.


Her father told People Magazine that her two main interests are horses and Rihanna.

Family of Marina LeBlanc

Her uncle is Justin LeBlanc.

Close associates of Marina LeBlanc

She and Coco Arquette are both family members of form Friends stars. 

Jeanine Saleh

About Jeanine Saleh

Niece of YouTube phenomenon Adam Saleh who has been featured in his videos. 

Early life

She grew up in New York.


She began appearing in Adam s videos in November of 2017. 

Family of Jeanine Saleh

She was welcomed to Adam s vlogs in a video that also included Haila Saleh.

Close associates of Jeanine Saleh

She, Reema and Deena are all nieces of Adam.