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Walter Perkins

About Walter Perkins

Drummer who was a staple in the Chicago jazz scene and was the leader of the jazz group MTJ+3.

Early life

He began his career playing for jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal.


He led two incarnations of MTJ+3. The second version, which recorded from 1959 to 1960, was more famous.

Family of Walter Perkins

He had three daughters with his wife Barbara Perkins.

Close associates of Walter Perkins

In 1961, he was featured on Dave Pike s album Pike s Peak.

Bryan Dobson

About Bryan Dobson

Irish news broadcaster known for his work on such Radio and Television of Ireland (RTE) segments as RTE News: Nine O Clock and RTE News: Six One.

Early life

He began his career by working for the Dublin-based Radio Nova and for the Northern Irish branch of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).


He interviewed Irish politician Bertie Ahern and United States White House journalist Paul Brandis.

Family of Bryan Dobson

He settled in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two children.

Close associates of Bryan Dobson

He and Mark Little both hosted popular RTE news programs.

Cervena Fox

About Cervena Fox

Model best recognized for her trademark red hair and intricate tattoos. She has specialized in implied nude photoshoots and graced the covers of tattoo magazines like Skin Art, Skin Ink, and Inked Girls magazine.

Early life

After completing her schooling, she began modeling in 2008 as a method to boost her confidence. It eventually became both a passion and career.


She helped to found the pyrotechnic performance group Pyrohex in 2013. The group has toured and performed around the United Kingdom.

Family of Cervena Fox

Her boyfriend, Durb Morrison, is a tattoo artist and writer for tattoo magazines.

Close associates of Cervena Fox

Much like Leah Jung, she is a model who gained for her extensive tattoos.

Claire Geare

About Claire Geare

Actress who became famous as a child star in TV series including 24 and films including Inception. She played young Meredith in a 2010 episode of Grey s Anatomy.

Early life

She was the youngest known credited actor in the series 24.


She had a starring role in the 2015 film No Escape.

Family of Claire Geare

Her siblings Taylor Geare and Johnathan Geare are also actors.

Close associates of Claire Geare

Her costars in No Escape included Owen Wilson and Lake Bell.

Rosie Lawley

About Rosie Lawley

Social media starlet who has gained fame for her donalddoritoe TikTok channel. She has earned massive for her two-part food experiments set to music.

Early life

She began gaining notoriety on TikTok in September 2019.


She has amassed more than 100,000 TikTok fans. 

Family of Rosie Lawley

She was born and raised in Kidderminster, England.

Close associates of Rosie Lawley

She and Michael Kelch are both famous TikTok stars. 

Harley McMahan

About Harley McMahan

Verified TikTok video personality who has garnered more than 1.8 million fans to his h_mac1 account. He has posted a mix of comedy, dance, challenge, and other types of videos. 

Early life

He was a sports fan growing up and enjoyed playing basketball. 


He has modeled at his local mall. He grew to be taller than 6 2.”

Family of Harley McMahan

He was born in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

Close associates of Harley McMahan

He made a comedy duet TikTok video featuring Alex Guzman captioned as “#duet with @blesiv this high key hurt my eyes.”