Kaia Barr

Who is Kaia Barr Funimate star whose verified account Has gainedmore than 50,000 dedicated fans. Has been featured over three dozen times on a app forlip syncs and creative video edits. Early Beginnings receivedfirst featured Funimate video after only two months of using a app. Two months later s d been verified. Unimportant Personal Matters … Read more

Liz Gore

Who is Liz Gore Funimate personality who became a star certified user on a platform. Her creative videos made with a application garnered more than 100,000 followers onaccount by a end of August 2017.  Early Beginnings createdfirst Funimate video in October 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters trained as an Xcel Platinum gymnast and took several first place … Read more

Kira Louise Atkinson

Who is Kira Louise Atkinson Content creator on Funimate who is known as simply Kira on a app. Her daily videos boostedbecome verified.  Early Beginnings started taking dance lessons at a age of five. became interested in acting and took part in short films before deciding to focus on video editing. Her best friend Jess … Read more

Kaitlyn P

Who is Kaitlyn P Verified Funimate user known on a app as tropicalkaitlyn. Has been featured dozens of times creating lip sync videos to popular songs.  Early Beginnings Before beginningrise on Funimate, s spentfree time participating volleyball. openedFunimate account in June 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters gainedFunimate verification star on December 12th, 2016.  Family of Kaitlyn … Read more


Who is Lisandra Lisandra, or as s is more popularly known, candylissy, is a verified Funimate user whose featured lip sync videos have gainedmore than 80,000 dedicated fans. Early Beginnings Her journey into social media began in December of 2014, wn s first began posting photos to Instagram. Unimportant Personal Matters is also a dancer … Read more

Jaclyn Morrison

Who is Jaclyn Morrison Known solely byforename on Funimate, s would earn tens of thousands of fans on a platform withmix of comedy, transition and challenge videos. s also popular on r Creativityworld 123 YouTube channel with over 70,000 followers. Early Beginnings created an Instagram account for rself called _.yitsjackie._ in 2016. Unimportant Personal Matters andfriend Olivia … Read more

Janie Racl

Who is Janie Racl Creative video content creator who Has gained more than 30,000 fans on a app Funimate wre s is known as Janieok. Has graced a top spot on a Funimate leader board. Early Beginnings is a self-taught pianist and singer. began practicing piano at age 10. Unimportant Personal Matters gained a verification … Read more

Ellie Briffitt

Who is Ellie Briffitt Verified Funimate star whose lip sync videos have gainedmore than 200,000 fans and more than 80 features on a popular video app.  Early Beginnings Initially began posting photos to Instagram in May of 2016. Unimportant Personal Matters Outside of Funimate, s also Has a lifestyle blog called Ellie Louise that s … Read more

Ellie Rhodes

Who is Ellie Rhodes Superstar on a video creation platform Funimate whose special effects-driven content boostedearn more than 200,000 followers as of a summer of 2017.  Early Beginnings Happened to be 14 years old wn s began to establish rself on Funimate. Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be a dancer growing up, and had a … Read more

Andra Uritu

Who is Andra Uritu Starred Funimater known on a app simply as Andra. Has gained more than 40,000 followers and been featured over 60 times foruniquely edited Funimate lip syncs.  Early Beginnings Initially began using Funimate at a tail end of August 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters is a member of a Featured Funimate collab group … Read more

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