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Kaia Barr

About Kaia Barr

Funimate star whose verified account has earned her more than 50,000 dedicated fans. She has been featured over three dozen times on the app for her lip syncs and creative video edits.

Early life

She received her first featured Funimate video after only two months of using the app. Two months later she d been verified.


One of her popular featured Funimate videos is captioned “Emoji Me or Real Me.” It earned over 20,000 views after it was posted.

Family of Kaia Barr

She has two sisters.

Close associates of Kaia Barr

Since beginning her Funimate career, she has become friends with Alia Stavola, Harry Montalvo, and TashiYoko, amongst others.

Liz Gore

About Liz Gore

Funimate personality who became a star certified user on the platform. Her creative videos made with the application garnered more than 100,000 followers on her account by the end of August 2017. 

Early life

She created her first Funimate video in October 2016. 


She trained as an Xcel Platinum gymnast and took several first place finishes in competition. 

Family of Liz Gore

She is from Sacramento, California. 

Close associates of Liz Gore

Both she and Michelle Kuntz became star certified Funimate users.  

Jasmine Gossett

About Jasmine Gossett

Star verified Funimate sensation known simply as Jasmine, she has earned more than 130,000 followers and been featured dozens of times creating uniquely edited lip sync videos.

Early life

Before the success of Funimate, she first joined Instagram in June of 2016.


Her Funimate account received its star verification on December 9, 2016.

Family of Jasmine Gossett

She has two sisters and one brother. 

Close associates of Jasmine Gossett

She is a member of the Funimate collab account FunStarz alongside John Lisella and Ellie Briffitt.

Kira Louise Atkinson

About Kira Louise Atkinson

Content creator on Funimate who is known as simply Kira on the app. Her daily videos helped her become verified. 

Early life

She started taking dance lessons at the age of five. She became interested in acting and took part in short films before deciding to focus on video editing. Her best friend Jess introduced her to Funimate in 2017. 


She became an anti-bullying advocate in March of 2018. She has also been an advocate for mental health. 

Family of Kira Louise Atkinson

She has three younger sisters. 

Close associates of Kira Louise Atkinson

She is friends with dancer Camren Bicondova. 

Greta Hall

About Greta Hall

Verified Funimate user known simply as Greta on the popular video app. She has earned more than 100,000 followers making creatively edited lip sync videos. She also lip syncs on her gretahall_ account.

Early life

She first began posting to social media in March 2015 when she posted her first Instagram photo.


She launched a YouTube channel called Captain Cray Cray where she posted vlogs, travel videos, tutorials, and more.

Family of Greta Hall

Her sister, Ava, has occasionally made appearances in her Funimate videos.

Close associates of Greta Hall

She has collaborated with star Chicklette on a Funimate video.

Kaitlyn P

About Kaitlyn P

Verified Funimate user known on the app as tropicalkaitlyn. She has been featured dozens of times creating lip sync videos to popular songs. 

Early life

Before beginning her rise on Funimate, she spent her free time playing volleyball. She opened her Funimate account in June 2016. 


She earned her Funimate verification star on December 12th, 2016. 

Family of Kaitlyn P

She has one brother. 

Close associates of Kaitlyn P

She is a successful Funimate star like Jasmine Gossett and Morgan Johnson.