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Isabelle Daza

About Isabelle Daza

Filipina television host known for her work on such GMA Network variety and game shows as Eat Bulaga! and Manny Many Prizes. She also hosted the 2011 Miss World Philippines pageant.

Early life

She earned a preschool teaching degree from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. She first appeared on television in 2011 on a Filipino variety program called Party Pilipinas.


A model as well as a television host, she was chosen in 2011 as the primary representative of the Sophie Paris Philippines fashion brand.

Family of Isabelle Daza

She is the daughter of Miss Universe 1969 winner Gloria Diaz and restaurateur Gabriel Daza III. She grew up alongside an older brother and a younger sister. Her parents spanorced when she was 7.

Close associates of Isabelle Daza

An occasional actress, she appeared in a 2014 episode of the Jun Lana-created telenovela, The Borrowed Wife.

Jaymee Joaquin

About Jaymee Joaquin

Filipina host, actress, and model who is most known for hosting the game show Game Uplate Live.

Early life

She started out in the entertainment business as a print and TV model, doing hosting on the side.


She became the cover girl for Playboy Philippines in September 2008, and was considered one of the sexiest celebrities for half a decade by FHM Philippines.

Family of Jaymee Joaquin

She relocated to Spain and worked as an English teacher in Madrid.

Close associates of Jaymee Joaquin

Jenny McCarthy was also chosen as a cover girl for Playboy.

Vic Sotto

About Vic Sotto

Filipino television personality, game show host, and title winner of Philippine Box Office King who has hosted the noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga!

Early life

He appeared on the gag show OK Lang with his two brothers and then later became a singer for the disco funk band VST & Company.


He has hosted the TV series TV J on 5 and 1 for 3 in the Philippines.

Family of Vic Sotto

He has four children from past girlfriends. In 2016, he married Pauleen Luna.

Close associates of Vic Sotto

He hosted of the Filipino version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Regis Philbin hosted the U.S. version.

Eleni Menegaki

About Eleni Menegaki

Mostly known for her TV show hosting duties on a number of shows which includes the game show MEGA Banca, and the morning shows Proinos Kafes and Kafes me tin Eleni.

Early life

She began her career in entertainment as a model in 1991 before participating on a morning show called Proino Cocktail and later landing her game show hosting duties.


Forbes ranked her the second most powerful and influential celebrity in all of Greece in 2010, highlighted by a number one ranking for females.

Family of Eleni Menegaki

She was married to television program manager Giannis Latsios from 2001 to 2010; they had three children together. In 2015, she welcomed a daughter with businessman Mateo Pantzopoulos.

Close associates of Eleni Menegaki

She has been a very popular morning show host like Matt Lauer of NBC s Today show fame.

Anne Robinson

About Anne Robinson

Host of the popular British game show The Weakest Link. She also hosted Watchdog, a successful investigative journalism program.

Early life

Before beginning her career as a game show host, she worked as a farmhand, paralegal, and journalist.


Her hosting gig earned her the nickname of “The Queen of Mean.”

Family of Anne Robinson

She married her second husband, John Penrose, in 1980. She has a daughter named Emma Wilson.

Close associates of Anne Robinson

She was referenced in How I Met Your Mother, a series that starred Neil Patrick Harris.

Tom Bergeron

About Tom Bergeron

TV host of Hollywood Squares, America s Funniest Home Videos, and, on occasion, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Early life

He once worked as a local radio DJ in his hometown.


He later became the host for the popular series Dancing with the Stars.

Family of Tom Bergeron

He married Lois Bergeron in 1982. He has two daughters named Samantha and Jessica.

Close associates of Tom Bergeron

Drew Lachey appeared on Dancing With the Stars, a popular reality show he hosted in 2007.