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About DIDI J

Pop star whose career took off when her song “Jaka” won first prize at the Festival Zabavne Muzike festival in 2010. She has since found great success with singles like “Say No More,” “Tell Me Why” and “Balerina.” 

Early life

She began her career as a model and earned a Master s degree from a college in Belgrade, Serbia. 


In 2014, she launched her own fashion brand, also called DIDI J.

Family of DIDI J

Her real name is Dijana Rokvic. She married Daniel Rokvic in 2013. She is the cousin of tennis player Jelena Jankovic.

Close associates of DIDI J

She collaborated with Shaggy on her 2017 single “Say No More.”

Nathalia Valente

About Nathalia Valente

TikTok star and pageant queen who has gained for lip sync and dance videos she posts to her nathaliavalentee account. Her videos have earned her over 4.3 million followers on the social media app. 

Early life

She won the title of Miss Teen Universe in 2018. 


She posts vlogs to her self-titled YouTube channel where she has accumulated over 20,000 subscribers.

Family of Nathalia Valente

Her mother has appeared on her TikTok account. 

Close associates of Nathalia Valente

She posted a TikTok with YouTube star Pedro Barbosa in March 2020. 

Monica Geldart

About Monica Geldart

Actress and voiceover artist who gives acting advice and does character impressions on her monicageldart TikTok account, which has amassed more than 470,000 followers.

Early life

She was a stage actor who appeared in productions of Much Ado About Nothing, Oliver! and Rock of Ages.


She is also a drama teacher at a high school. Many of her impressions parody students and teachers.

Family of Monica Geldart

She is based in Sheffield, England.

Close associates of Monica Geldart

She played Lonny in a 2014 London production of Rock of Ages, a role played by Russell Brand in the 2012 film.

Lizzy Wurst

About Lizzy Wurst

Instagram and YouTube star, she also gained on Vine before the app was shut down. She has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.

Early life

In June 2014, she introduced her fans to her Twitter by saying “This is my twitter guys.”


She earned more than 100,000 followers on Vine by posting comedic clips and short song covers.

Family of Lizzy Wurst

She has a younger brother who was featured in many of her Vine videos. She has dated Vine star Lance Stewart.

Close associates of Lizzy Wurst

She and Sabrina Nicole have collaborated on YouTube.

Lizzy Parra

About Lizzy Parra

Dominican Christian rapper known for songs like “Quienes Somos”, “La Praxis La Patora Edition” and “Ya Paque”. She released her first record, “Gracias con el agrupacion Asamblea Ent”, in 2010. 

Early life

She was trained in gospel singing by her grandparents as a child. 


In 2014 she co-founded Team On the Rock, a Christian urban music festival. 

Family of Lizzy Parra

She has a younger brother. 

Close associates of Lizzy Parra

In 2018 she collaborated with Juan Carlos García.

Lizzie Estella

About Lizzie Estella

YouTube vlogger who is widely known for her LizziesAnswers channel s content. She has gained there for her dating advice, as well as discussions of issues from her own everyday life.

Early life

She began her YouTube channel on June 4, 2010.


She has amassed more than 220,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel since its beginning. One of her most popular videos there, “SIGNS A GUY LIKES YOU!!!,” has earned more than 6 million total views.

Family of Lizzie Estella

She was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky.

Close associates of Lizzie Estella

She and Stella Rae are both known for their personal vlogging YouTube channels.