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Charles E Leiserson

About Charles E Leiserson

Computer scientist who specializes in parallel computing and distributed computing. He was Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cilk Arts, Inc.

Early life

He received his education from Carnegie Mellon University and Yale University.


He cowrote the standard algorithms textbook Introduction to Algorithms.

Family of Charles E Leiserson

He was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Close associates of Charles E Leiserson

He and writer Michael Chabon both attended Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeff Dauler

About Jeff Dauler

American radio host who is best known for his work at Atlanta s 94.1 radio station. He has also worked professionally as a standup comedian. 

Early life

He first posted to his popular Instagram page in May 2013.


His favorite food is sushi. He enjoys doing photography.

Family of Jeff Dauler

He has a wife named Callie.

Close associates of Jeff Dauler

He is a popular radio host similar to Robin Quivers.

Matilda Nilden

About Matilda Nilden

Swedish TikTok creator whose frequent lip syncing videos have earned her more than 70,000 followers.

Early life

In March 2016, she posted her first photo to Instagram.


She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she has posted DIYs, dances, and other vlogs.

Family of Matilda Nilden

Her brother, Charlie Nilden, also has a TikTok account and has made appearances in her videos. 

Close associates of Matilda Nilden

Both she and Amanda Edmundsson are popular Swedish TikTok creators. 

Ricky Gjoka

About Ricky Gjoka

Lip sync and dance content creator best known for sharing point-of-view style videos on his rickygjoka TikTok account. His performances have received more than 8 million likes on the platform.

Early life

He performed emoji hand gestures in an early TikTok.


As an influencer he was represented by Henson Management. 

Family of Ricky Gjoka

He is of Albanian descent. He is six feet and two inches tall.

Close associates of Ricky Gjoka

He created a duet video featuring Kio Cyr. 

Maude Eburne

About Maude Eburne

Canadian actress best known for her eccentric roles in such stage productions as The Half Moon, Many a Slip, and Three Cheers. Her film credits include The Bat Whispers and Among the Living.

Early life

She grew up in Ontario and attended elocution school in Toronto. She made her Broadway debut in 1914 in a farcical play called A Pair of Sixes.


She appeared in a 1935 film entitled Ruggles of Red Gap.

Family of Maude Eburne

She was married to stage producer Gene Hill until his death in 1932.

Close associates of Maude Eburne

She starred alongside Boris Karloff in the 1942 film The Boogie Man Will Get You.

Kyla Cole

About Kyla Cole

Slovak glamour model best known for being the Penthouse Pet of the Month in May 2000.

Early life

She began her career in 1999 after winning the Ms. Monticello Raceway Pageant in New York City.


She signed with Cypron Studios to be the face of their video game GODS: Land of Infinity.

Family of Kyla Cole

She stated in interviews that she was bisexual but later recanted, saying it had been a marketing strategy.

Close associates of Kyla Cole

Danielle Lloyd is another well known glamour model.