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Dylan Bostic

About Dylan Bostic

Professional wrestler who is known for being a part of the independent wrestling scene. He is known for having been signed onto several companies including the Ohio Valley Wrestling and the WWE.  

Early life

At 8 years old after attended his first independent wrestling event, he wanted to be a pro wrestler. At the age of 15, he made his pro wrestling debut in June of 2007 for New Era Wrestling in Shelbyville, IN. He became New Era Wrestling World Champion when he was only a senior in High School. 


In June of 2012, he had his first WWE match on National Television in Friday night Smack Down on the Sci-Fi channel. 

Family of Dylan Bostic

He was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. He married fellow professional wrestler Ray Lyn in 2017. 

Close associates of Dylan Bostic

As an alumni professional wrestler for the OVW, he is seen in relation to other pros including Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, and Brock Lesnar. 


About Minpyo

One of two lead rappers of the five-piece, all-male, K-pop group B.I.G that debuted with a 2014 single called “Hello.”

Early life

He trained at the Plug In Music Academy with other B.I.G members Gunmin and Hee Do. He is a childhood friend of Gunmin.


He worked as a waiter at a rice noodle restaurant. He also did some construction work.

Family of Minpyo

He has a younger brother. His birth name is Gook Min-pyo.

Close associates of Minpyo

He and Bae Jae-wook were both placed in the group B.I.G by GH Entertainment.

Zeke Miller

About Zeke Miller

American journalist who is best recognized for his coverage of the White House as a reporter for the Associated Press. He is also known for having worked as a reporter for Time Magazine in 2013 and became the political reporter and White House correspondent in 2016. 

Early life

He graduated from Yale University where he earned his Bachelor s degree in Political Science in 2011. He started his career as a journalist with Yale Daily News. He then took on an internship at The Hartford Courant and later on Newsday. He joined Business Insider in 2011 as a reporter but quickly became the political reporter fort BuzzFeed news shortly after. 


He was featured in the New York Times spotlight article “Millennial Reporters Grab the Campaign-Trail Spotlight” in March of 2016. 

Family of Zeke Miller

He was born and raised in New York. 

Close associates of Zeke Miller

He worked alongside fellow journalist and political reporter Jonathan Karl as part of the White house Correspondents Association. 

Leah Joseph

About Leah Joseph

Social media star who has gained for the comedy skit she posts to her caitlinandleahh TikTok account she shares with her fiancé Caitlin Bridget. Their fans have boosted them to over 1.1 million followers on 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in November 2019. 


She has gained over 40,000 subscribers on her Caitlin and Leah YouTube channel where she posts prank and couple content. 

Family of Leah Joseph

She was born and raised in England. 

Close associates of Leah Joseph

She posted a TikTok set to the Natalie Taylor song “Surrender” in February 2021. 

Irina Tan

About Irina Tan

British blogging personality who is famous for her Chin Up, Girl site. She has risen to massive fame to her irinatyt Instagram as a photoblogging corollary for her lifestyle, beauty, and personal posts. 

Early life

She began regularly blogging to her Chin Up, Girl in December 2012. 


She has seen her Instagram audience grow to more than 40,000 followers. 

Family of Irina Tan

Her long-time boyfriend s name is Yi. 

Close associates of Irina Tan

She and Mina Bell are both popular British social media stars known for their lifestyle blogging. 

Lila Call

About Lila Call

Television personality known for her regular role on the reality series Little Women: NY. She had also previously been seen on Little Women: LA.

Early life

She was previously employed by The Hartford Courant and The Hartford Advocate.


She has earned more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Lila Call

She dated Joe Gnoffo before he married Terra Jole.

Close associates of Lila Call

She and Dawn Lang were both cast in Little Women: NY.