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Sonny Maan

About Sonny Maan

Indian singer, actress and content creator who became a superstar on the app TikTok. Her comedy, music and dance-related footage has helped her acquire over 2 million fans and more than 53 million Likes.

Early life

In March 2018, she made her YouTube debut with a video titled “I m Sony Maan. Song – desi beat.”


Her 2019 YouTube recording “Bapu TeraMom Dad” topped 1 million views in 6 months.

Family of Sonny Maan

She wished her dad Happy Birthday on Instagram in August 2019.

Close associates of Sonny Maan

Nagma Mirajkar and Faisal Khan are two other TikTok celebrities who grew up in India.

Sammy Ouatts

About Sammy Ouatts

Short form video star who has gained fame for his self-titled TikTok channel. He has earned more than 6 million total likes for his text-in-video comedic lip syncs, sketches, and montages.

Early life

He began his TikTok channel in September 2019.


He has more than 110,000 followers to his TikTok channel. 

Family of Sammy Ouatts

He was born and raised in the Ivory Coast.

Close associates of Sammy Ouatts

He created a montage set to Dua Lipa s single “Don t Start Now” on TikTok.

Luana Silva

About Luana Silva

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who runs a self-titled blog and accompanying Instagram page.

Early life

She began her self-made career after completing her business degree. She started her blog in 2014.


She has 550,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Luana Silva

She has been based in Germany but is also of Brazilian descent. She and her husband have a child. 

Close associates of Luana Silva

She posted a pic with Rebecca Mir in November 2016.

Keri Blair

About Keri Blair

Senior MAC cosmetics artist who is recognized for having founded The Style Studio by KB. She has amassed more than 30,000 followers on her eponymous Instagram account.

Early life

She bought her first eye shadow at the age of 9 and discovered the MAC brand in 1993.


She hosted a Rock n Roll makeup masterclass in 2017.

Family of Keri Blair

She is from the United States.

Close associates of Keri Blair

She assisted during an Oscar de la Renta fashion show early in her career.

Gabriella Kahan

About Gabriella Kahan

American social media star who primarily posts food content to her chewyorkcity Instagram account. She has earned over 90,000 followers on her Instagram.

Early life

She initially posted to her Instagram account in December 2015. 


She has featured food items such as pasta, pizza, and ice cream sandwiches on her Instagram. She posted a photo of the famous pastrami sandwich from Katz s Delicatessen in September 2018. 

Family of Gabriella Kahan

She hails from the United States of America. 

Close associates of Gabriella Kahan

She is a popular food Instagrammer along the same lines as Skye McAlpine.