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Scott Steiner

About Scott Steiner

WCW heavyweight champion, two-time WWE United States champion, and two-time WCW World Television champion who has also performed in Japan and TNA.

Early life

He was an All-American freestyle wrestler at the University of Michigan.


He has appeared in pay-per-view main events in the WWF, WCW, and TNA.

Family of Scott Steiner

His older brother Rick Steiner is also a pro wrestler, and the two have competed together in tag team matches.

Close associates of Scott Steiner

He competed in a TNA tag team match with Booker T.

Barry Hardy

About Barry Hardy

Professional wrestler most famous as a member of The Lords of Darkness and The Executioner in the World Wrestling Federation. He is a three-time WWA Tag Team Champion with Duane Gill.

Early life

He trained at Larry Sharpe s Monster Factory school before making his professional debut in 1987.


In 1992, he participated in two 40-man battle royals, the largest in WWF history at the time.

Family of Barry Hardy

His son, Brian Hardy, is also a wrestler.

Close associates of Barry Hardy

He faced off against Shane Douglas at the Onondaga War Memorial in 1990.

Aja Kong

About Aja Kong

Creator of the ARSION all-women professional wrestling promotion which led to the All Japan Women s Pro-Wrestling Corporation.

Early life

She made her professional debut in 1986 and joined the heel stable Gokuaku Domei.


She won the World Women s Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championship with Bison Kimura twice.

Family of Aja Kong

She resided in Tokyo, Japan and is half Japanese and half African American.

Close associates of Aja Kong

She was a female wrestler like Madusa.

Yoshihiro Tajiri

About Yoshihiro Tajiri

Acrobatic wrestler best known for his time in the WWE as a three-time Cruiserweight Champion.

Early life

He started his professional career wrestling for the Big Japan Pro Wrestling promotion.


He earned a #23 ranking on Pro Wrestling Illustrated s Top 500 list in 2002.

Family of Yoshihiro Tajiri

He was born in Tamana, Kumamoto. He has been married to Tomoe Tajiri.

Close associates of Yoshihiro Tajiri

He was a three-time Tag Team champion alongside Eddie Guerrero.

Bryant Anderson

About Bryant Anderson

Born Brian Rogowski, former wrestler for World Championship Wrestling, and the SMW Beat the Champ television champion.

Early life

He was a standout high school wrestler.


He was ranked #295 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated s list of the 500 greatest singles wrestlers in the world.

Family of Bryant Anderson

His father Ole Anderson was also a professional wrestler.

Close associates of Bryant Anderson

He formed a tag team with Diamond Dallas Page in World Championship Wrestling.

D’lo Brown

About D lo Brown

Best known for his time in the WWF, he had a successful career as both a road agent and a wrestler; former WWF Intercontinental Champion and WWF European Champion.

Early life

He was a WWF jobber before making his debut in 1997.


He held the NWA World Tag Team Championship in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Family of D lo Brown

He raised two children with Jennifer Brown, whom he married in 2001.

Close associates of D lo Brown

His last match before being released from the WWE in 2003 was a loss against Booker T.